Van & NO SNOW – White Turtle III

Spring – no snow!

If you do not live where the temperatures drop crazy low and the snow piles up you may not get this but today I got to take the van out without snow and cold!!! Don’t get me wrong the van works great in both but it is SOOO nice to be able to open the doors and windows or to get into the van and not worry about the cold or the snow.  This is really the first time since bringing it home that I could do that!!!

White Turtle III
White Turtle III – NO SNOW!!!!!!

It got up to a amazing 15C today so I went for a drive to do some photography and it was nice.  Unfortunately many lakes are still covered in ice and not a lot of animals are out and about but it was still REALLY nice!!!!!

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Here are some pictures of the van, not a lot done recently mainly little things that would not be noticed (trim & adjustment).  A couple big things are the Espar heater under the cabinet (you can see the heat vent by the bathroom), the bottom shelves for the kitchen cabinet (low side for the fridge and the higher side that is for storage and can be removed to access the Espar) and the fire extinguisher.  Fridge is on order and should be here next week, then will need to start on wiring.  I did not order anything else yet as I did not want them sitting around while waiting for warm weather so once the fridge is in will order the wires, pick-up the battery and get the necessary controllers and fuses.

White Turtle III – Fridge and kitchen storage
White Turtle III – Bathroom and bed
White Turtle III – Espar heater under the shelves in the cupboard
White Turtle III – Fire Extinguisher

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