Red Rock Coulee

Red Rock Coulee – Great in all seasons!

Red Rock Coulee
Red Rock Coulee
Red Rock Coulee

If you are looking for an amazing road trip may I suggest Red Rock Coulee.  I have driven past on highway 3 a number of times and always wondered what was there, now I know. It is well worth the drive for a day or even if you want to stay in the area for a couple days.

Will be heading back that way soon for some more pictures and exploring!  Funny thing is that all the rock pictures that I took and I like the flower ones the best!

This place is amazing, a little out of the way and NO services. There is one broken picnic table and that is all the extras that are there. But it is well worth the drive. I do suggest that you go WELL prepared. When it is hot out this place is even hotter. If it is dry this place is drier. When it is cool this place is COLD!! There is no shelter to get out of the weather unless you hide behind a rock and they are not that big!

My routine is to take a camper. Most recently it is the White Turtle III and it works great. I take everything that I need and can stay for an entire day. I always load up on water before I leave home. Make sure that my fuel tank is full when I leave home. Stop in Seven Persons for some sausage at he world’s best sausage shop. Then go an enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Red Rock Coulee”

  1. wow look way nicer then when i went there at the in april greenery and flowers soo much nicer then melting snow and mud lol
    pics look great and i d agree the flower ones r my fav too 🙂
    also i was curious about what kind of adventures u take people on and how much that costs also when and where you’ll be taking people next ??
    thx muchly
    happy shooting


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