Waterton in Winter

Waterton in winter is as amazing as it is in summer. The biggest difference is that you need to be more prepared. Many businesses are not open and the weather changes FAST. I cannot tell you how many times the weather has gone from bad to good and from GREAT to horrible in minutes!

White Turtle III visiting Waterton in Winter

I prefer to take the Turtle III with me even just for a day trip. Food, washroom and furnace. I can pull over anyplace and be safe and secure. Only problem is that many times I have something the next day so I have to go home.

Many times I have gone down to enjoy a day only to get pushed into the van as the winds come up and the cold settles in. This was one of those days. A nice day and then the weather took a turn.

I stopped for some lunch at one of my favorite places. Then headed out to shoot some more just as winter returned.

I pulled my van to a nice spot to watch the clouds roll in and the winds come up.

Waterton in winter another weather change!

This picture reminds me of the day. Minutes earlier the mountains were clear. Then I saw the clouds move down the valley and wrap around the mountains.

Waterton in Winter - Clouds and mountains
Waterton in winter, clouds and mountains

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