Lethbridge Train Bridge

The Lethbridge train bridge has been around for a VERY long time. The bridge opened in August 1909. For the 100th anniversary of the bridge in 2009 there was a major celebration and that included lighting the bridge. For the first time in its history the bridge would come to life after dark as lights lit it up from the river valley to the top.

The night of the anniversary my oldest son and I spent the night enjoying the sights and taking some amazing pictures. Little did I know at the time that one of the pictures that I took of the bridge that night would become an iconic part of the anniversary celebration.

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The evening started out warm and turned cooler as the night progressed. Thousands of people from Lethbridge, Alberta and even around the world took in the evening celebration. Many tried taking pictures but few took as many pictures as I did.

For the evening my son and I spent hours walking through the valley. Carrying photo gear, shooting and driving around Lethbridge to get the best angles. I have a number of pictures from that night that I LOVE. But the one that speaks the most to me is the one of the bridge and the moon.

Photographed from the walkway on the highway 3 bridge looking to the south west. The lights of Ridgewood heights and the University of Lethbridge light up the sky above the bridge giving it a red hue. As I was taking this picture there was a rain storm moving through the area. The moisture from the storm added to the look of the image.

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