City of Lethbridge – Trifecta

This photograph captures three prominent landmarks within the City of Lethbridge, set against the backdrop of the coulees. It also showcases two significant advantages of residing in Lethbridge: the striking skyline and the mesmerizing sunset.

As the sun’s final rays bathed Alberta in a breathtaking glow, they danced upon the artistic train wheel installation near the Galt Museum and Archives. Gazing to the northwest, the old Lethbridge west side coalmine emerges, while at the bottom of the frame, the majestic Lethbridge high-level bridge spans across the Oldman River’s expanse.

The scorching, arid day is a characteristic experience of living in Lethbridge, known to many. As the day waned, wispy clouds attempted to drift off the mountains but gradually dissipated as they ventured further eastward.

Due to the arid atmosphere, the clouds gradually thinned, permitting the sun’s rays to gently penetrate.

This captivating print is perfect for residents of Lethbridge and history enthusiasts alike. It is a testament to the region’s rich heritage and abundant sunshine.

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