Winter Photo Shoot – Waterton

In this video, Mike Paterson from Paterson Photography Fine Art embarks on a winter photo shoot in the picturesque Waterton Lakes National Park. While the park is a popular destination in warmer weather, it experiences a quieter ambiance during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Nevertheless, the beauty of the park remains just as captivating in the offseason as it is in the summer.

Accompanied by his trusty White Turtle van, he explores the park to discover potential photographic subjects. The unusually warm temperatures have prevented many lakes, streams, and ponds from freezing, presenting a unique opportunity for him to capture the mesmerizing interplay of ice and water.

In this video, Mike Paterson from Paterson Fine Art embarks on a winter photo shoot in the picturesque Waterton Lakes National Park.

Winter Photo Shoot – Waterton, click here for the video on YouTube

Winter Photo Shoot – Waterton Wildlife

During the visit, he also encounters a couple of coyotes on the Blackiston fan, eagerly searching for their lunch.

Join Mike in this adventure to not only gain valuable photography tips for enhancing your skills but also to revel in the breathtaking scenery that Waterton has to offer.

The artist behind the camera

Meet Mike Paterson, the creative force behind Paterson Photography, nestled in the enchanting city of Lethbridge, Alberta. With an innate passion for capturing the beauty that surrounds us, Mike has established himself as a prominent figure in the local photography scene.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes of Alberta, Mike specializes in bringing out the essence of every moment through his lens. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of the prairies, the majestic peaks of the Rockies, or the serene charm of Waterton Lakes National Park, Mike’s photography skillfully encapsulates the spirit of his surroundings.

As a seasoned photographer, Mike has honed his craft over the years, perfecting the art of storytelling through visual imagery. His keen eye for detail and commitment to authenticity shine through in every photograph, creating a portfolio that resonates with viewers on a deep and emotional level.

Beyond his technical expertise, Mike is known for his adventurous spirit. From embarking on winter photo shoots in the tranquil Waterton Lakes National Park to capturing the untamed beauty of Alberta’s wildlife, he fearlessly explores the diverse facets of his surroundings, bringing a sense of wonder to his audience.

In addition to his photography prowess, Mike is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. Whether through workshops, online tutorials, or collaborative projects, he strives to inspire and empower others to discover the artistry in photography.

Join Mike Paterson on a visual journey through Alberta’s captivating landscapes, where each photograph tells a unique story, and the beauty of the region unfolds in vivid detail.