Fine Art Specials

On this page you will find fine art specials for some of my favorite images. I have many prints that I love but these prints are special. The prints below I wanted to make even more special so I printed them to match the look that I wanted.

Special printing techniques. Unique sizes. Specially selected media. Special frames and even adding additional enhancements.

You are free to order these prints or you can go to the gallery and select other sizes and finishes.

Frosty Morning Drive

A frosty snowy morning provided the perfect light to capture the trees and road disappearing into the distance. Like life’s journey we have to move forward to see more and this print pulls you in to see more.

I wanted a frame that could stand up to the dramatic image and this frame does that. Like looking through a window. This is a deep frame, the image is set at the back of the frame to draw your eyes into the image.

Pick-up at our Lethbridge office


Into the forest – Goldstream Park, BC

A walk into the depths of Goldstream Park in BC leads you down the damp cedar boardwalk into the thick greenery of the rain forest.

This print is printed on a metallic paper to enhance the colors and the shadows. Coated with our fine leather laminate and mounted to high density foam board.

Pick-up at our Lethbridge office