Grain Elevators

How I wish I would have taken the time to photograph all the grain elevators that I passed growing up! They seemed like a part of the prairies that would last forever. But as trucks got more powerful, faster and larger the elevators were not needed any longer. Today many communities still exist but you would never know. As the elevators no longer mark the location of the community.

Carmangay Grain Elevators agriculture photography
Carmangay Alberta

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Years ago as I rode my bycyle across the prairies the elevators in the distance gave me something to work towards. I knew that there was a town or a city near the elevators and I could stop for provisions.

When I drove across the prairies years later the elevators were a place for fuel and food. In bad weather I could always plot my way when I caught a glimpse of an elevator from the road and the name would confirm my location.

Nanton Grain Elevators agriculture photography
Nanton grain elevator row

If you have ever had a chance to look at the inside of an elevator the wood that was used was AMAZING!! Considering the age of the elevators and to think that the wood was shipped across the prairies to build them is so cool. The wood was large, it was solid and it was HEAVY!!

Tempest agriculture photography
Tempest Elevators
Wilson Grain elevators agriculture photography
Wilson Alberta Grain Elevators

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