Banff Memories

From last week’s travels to Kananaskis, Banff & Yoho. I always love the early fall drives, the cooler weather the vivid colors and less tourists then the summer.

Mountain Drive through Kananaskis to Banff and Yoho.

I would love to spend more time in this area as the dramatic fall colors are amazing. Kananaskis seems to always be a place that I am driving through to get to someplace else. It is not easy to drive through but when your schedule says you need to be someplace else sometimes you just need to take the little stops and move on.

Banff Draw

Banff tends to be the big draw and the Ice Field Parkway draws me whenever I am heading north. But even with Banff calling I have to stop when I see amazing scenes like this one and take some pictures.

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About Mike

Mike Paterson, the photographer, started taking photos seriously back in 1985 while living in Waterton Lakes National Park. I can remember all my life enjoying great photos. I always thought that the people that took these photos must be something special. They would see a scene that others would pass by. I think the first time I picked up a camera was when I was 15 or 16. Those pictures for the time were cutting edge. Technology was making huge strides and photography was coming to the masses. Cameras were coming out that could do so much more.

First Camera

The first camera that I can remember was a Kodak 126 camera. It was simple and easy to use. Problem was that it was so limited. I started looking for a camera that would allow me to grow as my knowledge grew. One issue that I found immediately was how much misleading information was pushed as truth. This was even before the Internet. It took years of research before I was comfortable enough to buy a camera and start taking pictures as a business.

I remember, in fact I still have, the image that started me on the photography journey. It was on a winters ski trip in the river bottom in Lethbridge. I had taken pictures before but this one was the one that sent me over the edge from a occasional photographer to a life long photographer.

Sofa Mountain, Waterton Lakes National Park

I love Sofa Mountain anytime, but early winter it really stands out. There is a lot of snow in those there mountains. October 4, 2018 and most years there may be a light dusting of snow, or maybe some frost but this year the snow is cold and deep. Great for building the snow pack … Read more

Writing on Stone

An afternoon trip to Writing on Stone this past weekend. It was overcast and cool but the colors were amazing!!! Love this park when it is not unbearably hot! Surprisingly there were a lot of people camping considering the weather was cool and damp.  But as usual as soon as you walk a few feet … Read more