Lethbridge Frosty Veil - Lethbridge Research station main access road from highway 3. Frost covered trees.

Lethbridge Frosty Veil

Lethbridge Frosty Veil, an amazing collection of frost and fog photos. In Southern Alberta, fog is a rare phenomenon, making … Read more

Purple wild flower Waterton Lakes National Park Canada

Waterton Wildflowers

Photographing the wildflowers in Waterton is such an amazing thing. They start early April in the lower elevations. As the … Read more

Vanlife, van living, white turtle adventures

Van Graphics

Finally got my van graphics done!! I love my van!! I even loved it when it was pure white. But … Read more

Abandoned chevrolet truck wall print with pealing paint on the hood

Abandoned truck

Abandoned truck wall art I found an amazing subject the other day, an aging abandoned truck. You may think that … Read more