Groundhog day!

So I tried doing a test for groundhog day and that did not work. I tried convincing my Gopher and Marmot subjects to come out for a picture this morning and they turned me down. So to make the prediction for southern Alberta I went outside to see if I could see my shadow. The result is that I did not see my shadow! I did get snowed on and I did get frost bite, but no shadow.

So seeing that I could not get a picture of anything close to a groundhog on this cold snowy morning here are a couple pictures from past years when it was warmer.

This gopher had built it’s home in a huge pile of dirt. One of the exits was about 8′ off the ground giving it a view that the other gophers envied.

Not official groundhog day prediction
Look no shadow.

Marmot’s of St. Mary’s river valley. I was out with my youngest son a number of years ago and while he was fishing I was looking for photo subjects. A couple pulled up in their pick-up truck and asked me if I had seen any Marmots? I had not and did not even think that they lived in that area. They had been in Waterton and was told that Marmots lived in the area that I was in. A year later I was back there and as I was resting in the White Turtle III with the side door open a Marmot popped up only feet from me. Now I know where they have their dens I go back there as often as possible.

Not Groundhog day but....
I only come out in warm weather!
Marmot on a warm summer day
Marmot on a warm summer day
Afternoon snack
Afternoon snack

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