Lethbridge river valley

Visiting the Lethbridge river valley

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Fall day looking over the Lethbridge River valley.

When looking at pictures of the Lethbridge river valley the first thing that comes into view, and to mind for many, is the high level bridge. It tends to dominate the river valley. But images of Lethbridge’s river valley do not have to be about just the high level bridge. There is a lot more to take pictures of. Maybe the subjects are not as old, or as large, but they are just as nice!

University of Lethbridge Science building, prints for sale, Lethbridge river valley
University of Lethbridge Science Building, Lethbridge Alberta, River Valley

I thought that I would showcase a few of Lethbridge’s other photo opportunities in the river valley. Now just to clarify things I know that many also call this the Lethbridge river bottom. I call it both and even can do so in the same sentence. But I would think seeing that there is a river and a valley that would be more correct. Or that is at least my excuse for picking valley over bottom this time.

Lethbridge river valley more than a bridge

If we leave the high level bridge behind, literally in our first picture as we are shooting south from the bridge, we look south down the river valley, down the Oldman river and across Whoop-up drive. Whoop-up drive is one of the two connecting roadways for east Lethbridge and west Lethbridge. On the right side of the photo nestled into the colorful fall foliage is Fort Whoop-up.

Never been to the Lethbridge river valley?

After 40 years of exploring the river valley in all seasons I find it amazing that people who have lived in Lethbridge for years have never gone down to explore the river bottom. There is so much area to bike & walk and as an added benefit it is out of the wind as well.

If we travel into the river valley and look up to the southwest you will see the sprawling buildings of the University of Lethbridge. My current favorite has to be the new Science center. Perched on the north part of the university’s property the glass sides reflect the color of the sky. While it is a large building from down here it barely impacts the skyline.

Animals of the river bottom

Elizabeth Hall Wetlands,
Blue Heron a summer resident
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Curious Weasel

I cannot talk about the river bottom without talking about the creatures that live or visit down there. There are a lot of animals that call the river valley home for the full year or for just part of the year. From the more common deer, Magpies, Canada Geese, Blue Heron, Garter snakes, Porcupines to the lesser common weasels there is a lot to photograph in the river valley. I would love to cover them all off but for this post I will pick a few of my favorite.

Every day there seems to be something new or unexpected to see.

So whether you want to take a walk thru the river bottom or you are looking for a photographic print for yourself or to give as a gift remember there is more to the river bottom then just the high level bridge.

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Lethbridge, Garter Snake, Lethrbidge river Valley, Lethbridge art gallery
Garter Snake
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