The Lethbridge high level bridge, or the Lethbridge viaduct, was constructed between 1907–1909. This bridge is the largest railway structure in Canada and the largest of its type in the world. Spanning the Oldman river valley the train bridge is a major part of the Lethbridge landscape.

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Lethbridge high level bridge, Lethbridge art gallery, CPR bridge, train, river valley
Lethbridge bridge and moon

The Bridge in all seasons

I have had the privilege of shooting the bridge in all seasons and in all weather conditions. Well it may be better to photograph the bridge when it is warm out the pictures look a lot better in bad weather.

Lethbridge Bridge, High level Bridge, City of Lethbridge, winter, Oldman river
Lethbridge bridge and frozen Oldman river

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Lethbridge viaduct at night
wall art
24×36 Walnut framed wall decor

100th Anniversary

In 2009 the high level bridge was lit for the 100th anniversary and it lit up the river valley for several amazing nights in the years that followed. These are some of my favorite images that I have shot of the bridge over the years. The train bridge is a wonderful sight at any time of the day.

When people talk about Lethbridge it is either the bridge or the winds that they remember. The bridge joins south and west Lethbridge over the Oldman river linking the two halves of the city by rail and by metal. The high level bridge is also a major rail connector for western Canada and eastern Canada.

Lethbridge Bridge, art gallery, Train bridge, Lethbridge, city of Lethbridge
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Wall art

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Fall, bridge, Train bridge, Lethbridge Bridge, trees
Lethbridge high level bridge photograph

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