Waterton Lakes National Park

They say the home is where the heart is, so my home must be in Waterton. It is not just the scenery it is the animals that live there that make it so special. I have been going to Waterton for years, enjoying parts of the park that are easy to reach and many that are more difficult. I am in the park in all seasons and all weather.

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Black bear pair Waterton Lakes National Park
International Boat Cruise Waterton Lakes / Glacier National Park

My favorite times of the year are in the fall and spring. Winter is also a special time but a little more challenging to be able to get out into the back country with the winds and the snow but amazing pictures are sure to be had should you get out.

Fog Belly River Waterton Lakes National Park

I have been fortunate to be able to enjoy the park in ways that today are not possible. Skiing and snowshoeing from Red Rock Canyon and spending the night at Snowshoe cabin and exploring the back country before returning to the car at Red Rock. Staying for many nights at Belly River campground when the campground was a hub of park activity. Being able to stop at the Native Timber Reserve to pick up some candy and cold pop at the gas station after hiking or bike riding. Stopping at the roadside water fountain to fill up water bottles before heading out hiking with some of the coldest and best tasting water in the world!

Cameron Falls Waterton Lakes National Park
Fox behind bush

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