Lethbridge Photo Gallery Location

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Lethbridge Photo Gallery Location

If you are looking for my Lethbridge Photo Gallery Location this will help.

This map below will help you to find “the bunker”, or my office!

Finding me is the hardest part of dealing with me. The studio is hidden away at the back of our building. Our address says we are at 1263C 2 Ave South but we are actually around the corner from that address. Look on the west side of the building on 12 Street B at the back. You will find parking just outside the door.

The nickname for my studio is the bunker. There are no windows and only a single man door that leads to my amazing space.

Once inside you are in one of the nicest offices around. Fully climate controlled with full light control.

I have put in a number of safety protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

2022 HOURS

My hours for the spring, summer and fall will be as follows

Monday to Thursday from 9:30 till 5
Friday, Saturday & Holidays I am open by appointment only
Sundays CLOSED

Because of occasional assignments taking me out of the office I recommend an appointment even during regular office hours

Call today for your appointment403-327-1114

If you want to look at the gallery before you come in click here for my online gallery