Radio – White Turtle III

A few weeks ago I could not believe how well things came together with the radio in the van. Some days things work out amazing and this was a major blessing and saved me some time and money as well.

When I am out shooting I like to have a radio to stay up to date on happenings as well as with the weather. Like most vehicles the radio in the Transit (White Turtle III) shuts off after about 15 minutes. A design that for most vehicles is great as it stops the battery from being drained. In a RV type vehicle it is nice to be able to listen a little longer. I did a pile of research on this and the only thing that I found to do was to run a power line to the radio that would power it after the key was off and after the 15 minute timer passed. I had been turning the key on and off to reset the timer every 15 minutes but this was a PAIN!!!!

Then a couple weeks ago my son and I were on the way to Calgary to get some supplies and we stopped for the night. For some reason after listening to the radio past the 15 minutes I pushed the power button and on it came again. That was weird!!! Tried it again and again and it worked each time.

I have looked up if anyone else knew about this but it seems even with it being there nobody knew about it.

So this discovery saved me some work and some money. PERFECT!!!!

White Turtle III Radio

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