The Galt Museum – Lethbridge Museum

Photo shoot at the Galt museum at night

The Galt museum rests on the top of the coulees and overlooks the river bottom in Lethbridge.

Housed in the old Galt hospital it is a mix of old and new. Lots of glass on the west side of the building allows you to see down into the river valley and off towards the mountains and British Columbia beyond that.

The view from the museum is GREAT! Looking northwest you see the old Galt mine and the Lethbridge high Level bridge.

To the west you see the Oldman river and west Lethbridge.

Looking slightly to the south west you see the University of Lethbridge.

Galt Museum Lethbridge

The best view of the Lethbridge museum in my opinion is at night. When an event is happening and the place is lit up. I am not a fan of lights blocking out the stars but this place is so amazing that I really don’t mind it.

Galt museum, Lethbridge Museum, Lethbridge art gallery
Lethbridge Galt Museum at night, Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Galt Museum looking to west Lethbridge

Galt museum, Lethbridge Alberta, Lethbridge art gallery
Looking across the Lethbridge river valley to west Lethbridge at sunset
Lethbridge Alberta, High Level Bridge, Lethbridge Bridge
Lethbridge High Level Bridge – From the Galt Museum

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Lethbridge train wheels

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