CPR Holiday Train – Lethbridge

Every year when the CPR holiday train comes to Lethbridge I try and go. When my kids were younger it was to show them the train and enjoy it myself as it passed. As they grew I was able to take some time and do some pictures. It always seems like the official kick off to Christmas when the train comes to town.

Many years the weather seems to change the day before the train arrives and a lot of time the temperature drops. Sometimes it really drops!! This can make great pictures with the fog, steam and even the snow. But it can be a major challenge shooting with frozen fingers.

CPR Holiday Train, High level bridge Lethbridge, Christmas
CPR Holiday Train heading to Lethbridge

When I would shoot the train I would meet the train out of town for some pictures. Then I would head into Lethbridge and find my location before the train started its trip to Lethbridge. There is something amazing about the lit train crossing the Lethbridge high level bridge.

The train seems to run late most years but it gives me a chance to get some pictures of the bridge.

Lethbridge High Level Bridge, Night, Lethbridge art gallery, Train, train bridge, Alberta pictures,
Lethbridge High Level Bridge at night

CPR Holiday Train and the high level bridge

Some years I get some great images of the train crossing the high level bridge. Other years not so much! But even if the pictures are not what I want the experience is worth the wait. The colors of the night is enough to warm my fingers, okay on most nights.

I will miss it again this year but at least I have my pictures to remember it.

CPR Holiday Train and Lethbridge High Level Bridge, city of Lethbridge, Lethbridge art gallery
CPR Holiday Train Crosses the Lethbridge High Level Bridge

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CPR Holiday Train, Christmas, Lethbridge, Lethbridge art gallery
CPR holiday train leaving Lethbridge

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