A trip to Waterton – White Turtle III

Side Tracked

So I thought that I would head out to Waterton yesterday (March 31, 2018) to get some pictures.   On the way there I made a detour to Police lake area to see what was out and about.  WELL there was a lot of snow out and about 🙂 . The main highways were good but the other roads were really covered and as I was getting closer to Police Lake the amount of snow on the roads got a lot deeper.  The best thing about it was that there was hardly anybody on the road except for a few farmers feeding cattle.

Police Lake
East of Police Lake Alberta, lots of fresh snow.

There was lots and lots of fresh animal tracks and lots of different types of birds around but that was it.  I think my timing was off as I was down by Police Lake around 1 and it was cold enough that I think any animals were bedded down for a sleep.

After deciding that the snow was getting too deep I turned back west and headed to Waterton.  Once on the highway the driving was a lot better with only some slush and snow covered areas in the shade.

The park looked amazing with the low clouds and the fresh snow and it was amazing how many birds of prey are hanging around.

Waterton Lakes National Park
Waterton Lakes National Park

Most water in the area is still frozen solid but what was open was packed with waterfowl.  Saw Blue Heron, Canada Geese, Pin tails, Mallards, Golden eyes and tons more that I could not get good ID’s on.  The water was so packed that I did not want to get too close as it would have caused a massive exodus and there is no place else for the birds to go.  As I was entering the park right next to the road was a couple swans a swimming that were anxious to get their picture taken.

Swans in Waterton
Swans in Waterton

Some more weight

After driving through the park I realized that my van was feeling a little heavier than usual, I thought maybe some animals were hitching a ride but it was not animals that was weighing me down. Seems like the melting snow and the cold weather helped to do some art designs on my van.  I am hoping that some day it will melt!

White Turtle III - the ice version
White Turtle III – the ice version
Newly designed hubcaps
Newly designed hubcaps


It was great to get out as the next few days are not looking too good, but I really need warmer weather to melt all the snow.

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