Waterton May 11 2019

Headed to Waterton yesterday, May 11 2019. Was an AMAZING day. Not many people outside of the town site. The town site was PACKED. Was going to spend the night at Belly River campground but decided to head home as the wind came up later in the day.

A few pictures of the van in Waterton.

first stop has been the same for the last year and that is up on Chief Mountain Highway. I head up to the border then turn around and work my way down.

It is cool looking into the US without crossing the border. From this lookout I headed to Belly River Campground to see how busy it was. Not busy at all but that will soon change.

Waterton May 11 2019
Looking across the border into Glacier

After a tour and shooting around Waterton it was off to find a quiet place to rest. Maskinonge is the perfect spot, lots of people drive through but they don’t stay, must be because there is no services there. I do not mind, better for me. Also being May 11, 2019 it still is not tourist season.

#waterton nap time.  An amazing view
My view for my afternoon nap.
Waterton Lakes National Park
Cannot ask for a better parking spot

The leaves seem to be slow this year. Maybe it is because I just want summer to come before the forest fires start. There were a lot of animals around so that is the most important thing for me. When I got to Maskinonge the wind was not very strong but after a while the Waterton winds came up.

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