Waterton kayaking the middle lake on a nice fall day

Waterton kayaking the middle lake on a beautiful fall day. There is not a lot that can beat the amazing beauty. A great way to spend a day. Come with me for a quick tour. I get to see some amazing things from my kayak.

Getting the chance to get to Waterton is always a major blessing. But when you get to the park and there’s absolutely no wind and the weather is perfect it’s even more of a blessing.

It was a beautiful fall day and I decided to head out in my kayak for a quick paddle. Little did I know I should have packed a lot more gear because from my kayak I had some amazing photo opportunities. Next time I’ll have to take the tandem kayak and load it up with all my photography gear and use it as a shooting platform for the entire day.

See the YouTube video about the trip here

Some days there is nothing that can be improved upon. This was one of those days. No wind. Nice temperature. Lots to see. Lots to photograph.

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Waterton kayaking the middle lake a visitor

As I was paddling towards Vimy something caught my attention coming out of the bush towards the middle lake. At first I thought it was a horse but there was no rider.

Then I saw the antlers and realize that it was an elk. As it is rutting season this elk must have come down and cool off before the evening rut. He waded out into the water to have a drink and then just stood there cooling off.

Waterton kayaking the middle lake, Elk, fall rut, National Park, Bull

As I was photographing the elk cooling off something kept making a splashing noise to my right.

I would hear it and look over that way and only see ripples on the water. So I started paddling in that direction very slowly and quietly and a family of loons popped up to the surface to have a look at me.

They must have been getting ready to head south for the winter. I was actually quite shocked to see them still hanging around Waterton as it was so late in the year.

Waterton kayaking the middle lake, loons, National Park, Alberta

The Prince of Wales Hotel – Waterton kayaking the middle lake

One of the benefits of having a mobile office is that people can reach me wherever I am. As I was paddling around the middle of lake in Waterton my cell phone rang and it was a customer needing some answers to a few questions.

So I sat back in my kayak and had a chat with them. They thought it was pretty cool that I was out on the lake and I was still able to answer their questions.

Little did we know that as I was sitting in the kayak all the ripples from my paddling were disappearing and with no wind the lake became an absolute mirror. I was slowly rotating and as I did I noticed that the Prince of Wales Hotel was a perfect reflection in the lake with Bear’s hump in the background.

I finished my call and could not resist taking a picture of this amazing reflection.

Calm day kayaking below the Prince of Wales Hotel Waterton Lakes National Park

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