Coaldale Waterfowl Weekend

My plans were not be in Coaldale shooting waterfowl this weekend but some weekends don’t work out as planned. Some work out even better than planned. This past weekend I was planning a trip to the mountains to do some photography. But seeing the weather forecast and the fact that it was suppose to be windy I just didn’t feel like going to the mountains.

So I ended up staying around home and it turned out to be an amazing choice.

Several weeks ago I switched my Sigma 150 to 600 mm lens over to my Canon 5D Mark IV camera. I have been very happy with how it was shooting but I thought that seeing I had some time over the weekend that I would do some testing and potentially tweaking the lens. To see if I could make it work even better.

Saturday adjustments

Yes we have a busy backyard!

So on Saturday with time to spare and no real plans I set out on my project. I decided to do some tests shooting from the house into our backyard. A yard which is usually full of birds so it makes for a great test area.

I would do some shoots, then I would check the pictures on the computer make some adjustments and then go and shoot again. This took me a couple of hours. Shooting, readjusting then checking again.

Where the lens was originally set up was actually pretty close to being perfect. But after playing with some adjustments the lens was now better then what I thought it could be.

Coaldale Waterfowl Weekend Shoot

Coaldale Waterfowl Weekend, Geese, Coaldale

Then I headed out to do some wildlife pictures. I live relatively close to the Alberta Birds of Prey Center in Coaldale. So I headed over there to do some test shots. After shooting for a half an hour or so I came home and checked my pictures. I was very pleased with the results.

So after doing some chores around the house that I wanted to get done I then headed back to the center. I arrived later in the day just as the birds were arriving for the night.

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