Van Graphics

Finally got my van graphics done!! I love my van!! I even loved it when it was pure white. But I always thought every time I saw it that it fit the description that you see in so many movies of ” looking for a nondescript white van”.

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So back in 2019 I had planned on doing up some graphics for the side and back of the van.


This was all supposed to be done early in 2020. But as we know we ended up with a pandemic and everything got shut down and my plans get moved.

I had originally planned to introduce the van as part of my photography business. I planned a open house in June of 2020 celebrating 35 years in business.

Finally I managed to get the graphics on early in the summer of 2022.


I am more than a little happy with the look of it.

No it does not have my business name on the side of it but I really don’t want to advertise my photography business that much.

I thought if I had my name on the side of it that it would stand out too much to people that may be looking at breaking into it because they would know what was inside of it.

People don’t even see the van graphics

So I decided just to go with some graphics that really don’t make it stand out that much. When it’s in the parking lot it is hardly noticeable but it does remove that nondescript white van look of it.

Vanlife, van living, White Turtle Adventures, van graphics
Follow me to the mountains!!

The bear heading to the forest is an area that I shoot a lot at. The compass and the mountains reminds me of when I was able to do a lot of hiking. The bird on the back and on the left hand side is another of my photography likes.

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