Fall Wasp

Photographing bugs in general is a challenge, when it is a wasp it is even more challenging as they tend to get a little upset. I think the world of insects is so cool. There is so much detail and fun things to find out when taking pictures of them. I did not know that a wasp had so many hairs on their body. Plus the detail that you see in the eye is extraordinary!!!!

On a cool fall day this wasp was not interested in trying to escape till he warmed up. That gave me a few minutes to get some macro images before the heat of the day warmed him up and he flew off. He was a perfect subject to spend part of an afternoon working with.

With this picture I love the black and the yellow as well as the yellow and brown of the leaves that the wasp was sitting on.

Wasp in the sunshine
This shot highlights the head and the front leg

I love bug pictures! They may not be for everyone but for me I could do these pictures day after day. They have a sense of other world about them. If you did not know that this was a common insect on earth you could think that it flew here in its own spacecraft or that it was a spacecraft.

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