Lethbridge Bridge in four seasons

I am often asked what are the best pictures I have of the Lethbridge High Level bridge. Well I have so many that it is hard to say. But this collection of the Lethbridge Bridge in four seasons has four of my favorite pictures all shot from the same spot along Highway 3 in Lethbridge.

Seeing the bridge in the different seasons to me shows just how rugged the bridge is. How it stands up to so many weather changes. Keeping the rail line open no matter the weather.

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Lethbridge High Level Bridge – Spring

Lethbridge Bridge in four seasons, Spring, Alberta, High Level Bridge. Lethbridge bridge
The new leaves and the spring rains add a rich color to this amazing spring picture of the high level bridge.

Lethbridge High Level Bridge – Summer

Christmas pictures, Lethbridge, Train bridge, Art gallery
After a hot and dry summer the first cool day brings in some fog off the water around the high level bridge.

Bridge – Fall

Lethbridge Bridge in four seasons, Lethbridge, CPR, Rail bridge,
The river valley is starting to turn colors as fall settles in with cooler days

Bridge – Winter

winter, cold, train bridge, High Level bridge
The cold has settled into southern Alberta and most of the river is frozen over for a long cold winter

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