Spring 2020

Well spring 2020 is not really starting like I thought. I have not gotten out near as much shooting as I would like to because of the weather. Add to that the Covid lock down and it has really been a challenge.

Spring 2020 Are you sure???
Yes we are social distancing!!!

It can be rough being a nature photographer when the weather does not cooperate. Then when it does not being able to travel very far you have to look for things close to home.

Spring 202 migration

I have been doing some shoots close to home so I thought that I would feature a few images from the ones I was able to get out for.

There is so much to shoot even close to home and some days I find more to shoot then I could possibly shoot in one day. The waterfowl this spring have been in many of the ponds and even in roadside ditches. Some of the problems of shooting this spring has been the wind. Each trip it seems to get windy as I am out.

Someone that does not like the wind as much as I do.

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