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The Lethbridge High Level Bridge, or the Lethbridge Viaduct to some, is one of my best selling subjects.

I am not sure it is because so many people love the High Level Bridge in Lethbridge or because I shoot so many pictures of it but I sell more prints of the bridge then anything else..

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This past week we had a nice cool morning and with that some fog coming off the water. I could not resist a stop to take some pictures.

The bridge frames the valley beautifully. Add in the river and the fog and the Lethbridge river valley looks amazing. Visit my Lethbridge Art Gallery to see more pictures of the High Level Bridge and more pictures from around Alberta.

High Level Bridge Lethbridge, wall art or for a gift

If you are looking for wall art, or a gift a bridge picture says Lethbridge!! Wall decor that you will love and others will love for years.

When you want to decorate with fine art prints I am happy to share my images and my memories with you.

Who am I??

Started in 1985 by Mike Paterson. Paterson Photography quickly grew to be one of the leaders in the photography industry in Lethbridge and southern Alberta.  Paterson Photography has always been on the cutting edge of the photo business and continues to be so. Offering more than just a standard photography studio.

Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo

Full service photolab, digital printing, photo prints and so much more.

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Paterson Photography Fine Art Collector Prints – Nature & Wildlife Collector Prints for home and office.  Lethbridge CPR High Level Bridge photos. If you want to support my photo expeditions feel free to purchase a print from the gallery.

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