Lethbridge Frosty Veil - Lethbridge Research station main access road from highway 3. Frost covered trees.

Lethbridge Frosty Veil

Lethbridge Frosty Veil, an amazing collection of frost and fog photos. In Southern Alberta, fog is a rare phenomenon, making … Read more

Purple wild flower Waterton Lakes National Park Canada

Waterton Wildflowers

Photographing the wildflowers in Waterton is such an amazing thing. They start early April in the lower elevations. As the … Read more

Fall Wasp

Photographing bugs in general is a challenge, when it is a wasp it is even more challenging as they tend … Read more

Cameron Falls Waterton, waterton art, waterton photos

Waterton in Winter

Waterton Lakes National Park in winter is as amazing as it is in summer. The biggest difference when you visit … Read more

Waterton, Bears, Waterton art gallery, nature prints, wildlife prints, art prints

Waterton Wildlife

I like the scenery in Waterton but I like Waterton wildlife even more!! There are so many animals to photograph!! … Read more